My platform has two parts.  The first are the issues that I don’t believe the city is addressing that I would like to address.  The second part is how I believe a well run city government should function.


  • Traffic – The city has done too little to solve the traffic issues facing the city.  I’d like to see short term solutions (such as turn restrictions with residential exemptions) and longer term solutions implemented that actually address and fix the problems that we as residents are facing.  For more thoughts on traffic, click here.
  • Affordable Housing – Not enough is being done about this problem and it is also getting worse.  I’d like to focus more on long term solutions that actually make headway.
  • Development – Overdevelopment is making traffic and affordable housing worse.  I’d like to take a smarter approach to development that doesn’t trade quality of life for existing residents in the name of growth.  For more thoughts on development, click here.
  • Schools – My oldest is a student in ACPS.  It’s a good system but there is room for investment and improvement.  Let’s be the best VA has to offer.  For more thoughts on schools, click here.
  • Costs – Did you know that Alexandria’s budget is three quarters of a billion dollars?  Funded in part by high taxes on high property values – one can’t help but wonder if this money is being put to efficient use.  It’s hard to believe that we spend so much and so little headway is made in solving Alexandria’s problems.

The RARE city goverment

  • Representative – I believe the council should represent the needs and desires of the residents of the city, not their own agenda.  From Taco Bell in Old Town to ignoring the traffic solutions residents have asked for, I don’t believe the current city council is representative.  I am asking for the opportunity to represent local businesses and residents, not developers and fast food chains.
  • Accountable – Sometimes residents want something that can’t be done.  If that is the case, the city owes them an explanation.  The current city council is not open, hides behind attorney client privilege, and is not accountable to the residents they are supposed to work for.  I pledge to be accountable for my actions and votes, including being open and honest.
  • Responsive – It can take time to accomplish big changes and improvements.  In the case of traffic, after a 3 year study, the city is suggesting the same non-solutions it has been pushing for years.  The city and city council take too long to implement short term solutions with no long term solution on the horizon.  I pledge to be responsive to the immediate needs of the city, as well as forwarding long term solutions.
  • Efficient – Part of executive oversight is making sure that resources are well spent and that work is performed efficiently.  A three year study to determine that our neighborhoods are plagued by cut-through traffic seems wasteful and slightly ridiculous, especially as all it takes to verify the problem is try to go somewhere during rush hour.  I pledge to ensure that every tax dollar spent by the city is done in a way that maximizes productivity while minimizing wasted effort and expense.