Another neighborhood, the same story

I don’t know if it’s heartening or disheartening to hear my message spoken to me again and again from residents who are fed up with the city and looking for change.  Too many times I’ve heard residents complain that they came to meetings, people with differing views worked hard to find compromise, and they went back to the city (or school board) with a plan that took into account all of the stakeholders’ input… just to have it ignored and the plan that the city apparently had set their mind to before the process started is the one the city went with.

I don’t want to get into how much work these residents are putting in to come to fruitful compromise (it’s a lot), just to have it ignored.  I think it’s a waste of people’s time and it’s a waste of the best resource we have in this city–engaged and thoughtful citizens.

It’s a good thing it’s fall and change is in the air.


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